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Fitness & Nutrition Expert
(5.0, 6 ratings)
“I help you discover your deepest strengths, believe in yourself and deliver the strategies you need to live your best life”

I'm a certified personal trainer, kinesiologist, and fitness nutritionist that is passionate about empowering others to improve their health and wellness. As the founder of Little Tank Fitness, I provide coaching, mentorship, and support by creating tailored plans to help others achieve their health and fitness goals.

I strive to inspire others to adopt healthy habits, elevate their confidence and most importantly maximize their quality of life

  • health
  • wellness
  • nutrition
  • fitness
  • strength training
  • cardio training
  • passion
  • leadership
  • success driven
  • listening
  • empathy
Fashion Designer / Spanish Language Expert
(5.0, 2 ratings)
“I love how people can connect all over the world with a few words in different languages”

Karen is a fashion designer and Spanish Language Tutor / Expert from Mazatlán, Mexico. She discovered a passion for teaching by chance through travel and meeting others across the Globe who adored the Spanish language and a culture that she is proud to live everyday.

  • fashion
  • design
  • language
  • spanish
  • espanol
  • branding
  • teaching
  • product design
  • finance
  • brand strategy
  • sales
  • facilitation
  • event management
Founder, Saber Blitz
(5.0, 28 ratings)
“If passion and energy don't exist in a class, then your learning potential isn't being reached. That's why I built Saber Blitz.”

I love teaching. I love learning. And most of all, I love meeting people that are passionate. I sincerely believe everyone has a passion for something and for those that don't know what it is, I truly believe it's just a matter of time until you discover your passion.

To me, the best way to discover your passion is through people with common interests. The energy that I get when I meet someone with similar interests, like boxing, new business ventures or even quesadillas, it absolutely lights up my life. This is why I started Saber Blitz - being able to meet people in an inclusive and accessible manner through live online learning with credible and passionate Experts.

  • success driven
  • project management
  • leadership
  • business analysis
  • public speaking
  • training
  • teaching
  • agile
  • scrum
  • kanban
  • entrepreneurship
  • software development
  • process improvement
  • marketing
French Language Tutor / Expert
(5.0, 4 ratings)
“Everything happens for a reason”

I'm a Native French speaker and a certified TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) language tutor with over 5 years of teaching experience.

I'm from Martinique (a French Caribbean Island) and I love learning new languages! I speak fluent English and Spanish, and attribute these learning experiences to living comfortably in both the United Kingdom and Peru. Knowing a new language is so empowering and I want to help others feel the same sense of fulfillment!

I'm passionate about the arts and have a love for graphic design, travel and teaching! I love teaching with style and excitement through songs, art, games and a lot of group activities!

What are you waiting for? Sign up for a free group class and let's get going! Au revoir et à bientôt!

  • french
  • language
  • teaching
  • facilitation
  • adobe photoshop
  • social media
  • adobe illustrator
  • photography
  • adobe premiere pro
Latin Dance Expert
(5.0, 5 ratings)
“I don't let judgments of the world stop me from doing what I love”

I'm a dancer, teacher and choreographer from Bogotá, Colombia. I created my own dance studio called Bailadería, where people find their passion for arts and dance.

I've been passionate about dance for nearly a decade. I love sharing this passion with all my students, creating an inclusive dance community around the world.

I studied and taught dance in New York City at Broadway Dance Center for 2 years, where I was able to meet a lot of great dancers from different countries. We were able to share our dance and culture no matter what our background was.

My dance styles are Salsa, Bachata, Jazz, Ballet, Street Styles, Bellydance, Tap and Contemporary.

I was the National Salsa Champion in 2018 and Second Place in Latin America.

  • salsa
  • bachata
  • jazz
  • ballet
  • street styles
  • tap
  • bellydance
  • contemporary
Headhunter, Entrepreneur & EQ Coach
(4.6, 7 ratings)
“Your true worth is determined by how much more you give in value than what you take in payment”

I am a career consultant, performance coach and business owner. I enjoy working with people and seek to understand what truly inspires them. I am passionate about personal growth and development and believe emotional intelligence is key to achieving personal and professional success. When I am not working on my latest venture, pursuing new projects or connecting talents to career opportunities, I spend time reading, coaching and spending time with friends and family.

  • emotional intelligence
  • recruitment
  • headhunting
  • human resources
  • entrepreneurship
  • communication
  • business
  • leadership
  • coaching
  • marketing
  • branding
  • business development
  • public speaking
  • personal development
  • performance management
  • career consulting
Filmmaker & Photography Expert
(5.0, 12 ratings)
“Photography is a skill that uses basic light principles teachable to anyone interested! After that, it's just being at the right place at the right time.”

Milos is a Toronto based creative photographer and filmmaker capturing high quality images with a wide range of content and style.

With over 15 years of experience shooting photography and creating films, he has a tremendous passion for the Arts. As a Serbian born Canadian, his work reflects a wide range of diversity and styles, ranging from abstract, commercial, landscapes and portraits to lifestyle, travel, events and wildlife. Additionally, he speaks 5 languages, is an avid traveler (pre-pandemic times) and loves learning about cultures and their traditional values.

Milos owns his own creative agency (Milos Savic Visuals), is a professional athlete (National Pole Vaulter, Athletics Federation of Serbia) and holds a Master's degree in Fine Arts, Film and Media Arts from the University of Windsor.

  • photography
  • filmmaking
  • editing
  • teaching
  • design
  • art
  • leadership
  • adobe suite