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Founder, Saber Blitz
“If passion and energy don't exist in a class, then your learning potential isn't being reached. That's why I built Saber Blitz.”

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5.0, 28 ratings

Hi, I'm Chris

About Me

I love teaching. I love learning. And most of all, I love meeting people that are passionate. I sincerely believe everyone has a passion for something and for those that don't know what it is, I truly believe it's just a matter of time until you discover your passion.

To me, the best way to discover your passion is through people with common interests. The energy that I get when I meet someone with similar interests, like boxing, new business ventures or even quesadillas, it absolutely lights up my life. This is why I started Saber Blitz - being able to meet people in an inclusive and accessible manner through live online learning with credible and passionate Experts.

My Highlights

  • Instructor - University of Manitoba (2017 - Present)
  • Founder - Saber Blitz (2020 - Present)
  • Application Delivery Lead - Wawanesa Insurance (2017 - Present)
  • Creator / Company Lead - U LEARNT (2016 - 2020)
  • Big Brother - Big Brothers Big Sisters of Winnipeg (2014 - Present)
  • Basketball Coach - Corydon Community Center (2008 - Present)
  • Business Advisor - Junior Achievement of Manitoba (2016 - Present)
  • Agile Enthusiast (Certified Scrum Professional / Agile Certified Practitioner)
  • Admirer of Alpacas

My Skills

  • success driven
  • project management
  • leadership
  • business analysis
  • public speaking
  • training
  • teaching
  • agile
  • scrum
  • kanban
  • entrepreneurship
  • software development
  • process improvement
  • marketing

My Upcoming Classes

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Speech Divers: Improve Public Speaking

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Stop Hesitating: Launch a Business in 12 weeks

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Reviews (5.0, 28 ratings )

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I had an amazing time with Chris and the rest of the class. As the instructor, he made sure that everyone in the class has the chance to practice his/her public speaking skills in a safe and judgement-free environment regardless of the speaker's skill level. He also provided his students with constructive feedback so we can take note of the points of improvement. Overall, Chris is an awesome instructor that is full of energy and enthusiasm to challenge and motivate you to become a better speaker.


Jesse D

Nice. It was a great lesson, full of energy pasion an motavation.


Yezid V

Great as always


Angelica Maria H

Chris is great, open-minded and has a passion for the sharing. I've learned a lot from him.


perry h

Chris's style in sole is cool and relaxed, the whole session was handled professionally, as if you were naturally speaking to another person, the way he instructed is really good, I really enjoyed the experience of this class with Chris, excellent techniques on how to approach public speaking more naturally.


Didier Arley V

Chris is a great instructor, he was very enthusiastic.


Allena G

Awesome, Cool, Fantastic.


Junshan W

Chris is amazing! He seriously brings the energy and provides some very valuable insight for each class.


Drew N

Chris was an amazing teacher, all his explanations were very clear and easy to interpret. He taught on a more personal level which helped me feel more invested in the experience.


Issac H

Chris is a great teacher, he has a unique style to deliver a class combining both knowledge and laughs, making each class entertaining and meaningful for our career development.


Juan Sebastian P

Chris is awesome! He genuinely cares for your success and is very passionate about the things he talks about. He doesn't sit there and lecture you on how to improve and it's more of a discussion.


Eric R

Chris is honest and will tell you the positive aspects of your speech and what you need to improve! This type of encouragement and feedback is what you need to level up your speaking skills


Diana P

Chris is honest and will tell you the positive aspects of your speech and what you need to improve! This type of encouragement and feedback is what you need to level up your speaking skills


Diana P

Chris has lots of jokes, lots of fun in the class


Cassie L

Chris is always encouraging students to talk more. The link between Chris and me is not only the relationship between a teacher and a student but also between friends.



Chris is an enthusiastic instructor. He always tries to give his best and always motivates students like me to speak up in class. Thank you for pointing out my weaknesses and for providing such a valuable session.


Parth J

I really learn from Chris and get feedback to work on making effective public speaking


mukul A

Cris Hoquis wan a great teacher/lecturer and I fully enjoyed his lecture. Explained everything in detail and it made it easier for me to understand. The fact that he is learning another language himself made was great too.

September 23 2020

Keven B

Honestly, I felt lucky to have the opportunity to interact with Chris and the other guys during class, totally dynamic, didactive ... it's definitely an excellent experience that I would definitely do it again.

September 22 2020

Jorge R

Chris is welcoming, knowledgeable, and encouraging. His passion for values and genuine desire to connect with people in real and tangible ways shines through. The activities he facilitated were practical and the discussions supportive; three hours flew by quickly with all the content he shared.

September 20 2020


Thank you Chris for giving us your experience and teach us some great stuff about public speaking. In college we didn´t practice this often and It´s kinda a taboo thing jaja. I didn´t know about this webinars until Gaby Velazco send me the invitation. I´m waiting for the next one now ! I hope we can talk soon. Bye

September 15 2020

Gianfranco S

It is a comforting environment to practice. No matter your goal is to improve English or practice public speaking, here is the place you wanna go. I had a few classes, and I can feel my English is improving. Highly recommended.

September 15 2020

Shanshan L

Chris is an amazing teacher! He is so kind, knows how to maintain our attention and make a dynamic and active class. I enjoyed the class, it was a really fun and enriching experience for me. Can't wait to see what is coming in the next weeks for join to another of his classes.

August 28 2020

Gaby V

It seems hard to go outside and meet people during this time. However, by taking Saber Blitz class, I met many people here. Good opportunity to enlarge your network. We all had chance to speak up and make a presentation without any scripts or notes in class. This helps me build up my confidence and overcome my speaking anxiety. I also had chance to collaborate with people I never met before. Chris was amazing when giving useful feedback about how we can improve our skills. I love his encouragement. All people in class were there with the same purpose: to improve personal skills and to help. I can see my improvement after class, I have new friends who I can connect with. Thank you Chris and definitely I cannot wait to join the next class.

August 27 2020

Gia H

Chris talks from his heart and experience, which makes him authentic and gains trust from his students, and when you trust someone, you will feel comfortable sharing your thoughts and enriching the experience of this class. Chris is so active during his classes that time goes by so fast, so you will learn and enjoy it. The content is extensive, so perhaps it is necessary to have a more extended class or two sessions of this module. Excellent instructor.

August 25 2020

Diana P

This was one of the best online class sessions that I have participated in (if not the best), the 4 hours flew by! It was great learning about new tools that can be used to keep track of my progress and websites that offer services at a fraction of the cost, minimizing expenses. Thanks Chris this was truly helpful and I look forward to attending your future classes.

August 18 2020

Sarah J

Chris is a very knowledgable person, friendly and approachable person. He really knows how to connect with people and get them engaged.

August 18 2020

Selsabil R

Chris is super confident, amazing with words and can definitely make you feel motivated. He's fun and also very dynamic, I really enjoyed the session with him as the SaberBlitz expert (: really looking forward to future sessions!

August 16 2020

Silvia M