Stop Hesitating: Launch a Business in 12 weeks

Got an idea? Are you passionate about it? That's all you need. Let me show you how you can launch a business in 12 weeks, just like I did with Saber Blitz.
Expert: Chris Hoquis
(5.0, 8 ratings)
Jan 17 2021 2:00 PM 3 h
Saber Blitz – Stop Hesitating: Launch a Business in 12 weeks

Stop Hesitating: Launch a Business in 12 weeks

Got an idea? Are you passionate about it? That's all you need. Let me show you how you can launch a business in 12 weeks, just like I did with Saber Blitz.
(5.0, 8 ratings)
Expert: Chris Hoquis
Jan 17 2021 2:00 PM CST 3 h

Class Preview

What you’ll learn

  • How to realistically start a business in 12 weeks
  • Tools and techniques that help keep me accountable
  • Building teams that you can be proud to work with
  • Access to funds and still launching on a limited budget
  • Executing marketing strategies
  • How / where to get your website built
  • Customer engagement strategies


It took me 3 years to launch my other business U LEARNT - a platform to learn skills in a day (all in person) After launching Saber Blitz in 12 weeks, I realized that there was so many things I could have done different in that business venture, that I have done today - from time savings, resourcing, building a team and much much more. I want to share everything I know in a class where we will engage in all types of collaborative exercises, get to know one another, and build the next steps towards you starting your own business venture today.


  • A business idea or a business in the early startup stages
  • An open mind and willingness to learn
  • Passion - without passion, I really believe you're never going to truly maximize the potential of your business
  • Access to Zoom
  • Access to video conferencing tools (camera, mobile phone, webcam)


  • business
  • entrepreneurship
  • marketing
  • strategy
  • building teams
  • resourcing
  • technology
  • building a website

Reviews (5.0, 8 reviews)

The experience was amazing! I really enjoyed it, connecting with other people, getting the knowledge and being able to share it in the zoom class was excellent! I'm definitely signing in for more classes at Saber Blitz :D


Silvia M

Met new people and had some awesome talks. Heard many amazing ideas and visions behind those ideas. With every passing second, i learned something.


Nirpal S

It was an amazing experience, acquired useful knowledge on how to launch a business. Also, got to meet cool people. I would highly recommend people to take this course!


Selsabil R

Through this course, I got to know more about how to start a business in Canada. I made new friends here and got to know something about social rules.



In a word, I will describe it as a holistic course, where you will find much more than a step by step process to get a business idea come to life. You will also know about tools that will help you organize your thoughts and tasks and get tangibles to make progress during the business creation. You will examine the actual reasons that move you about your business idea (passion, profit, social change), you will have the chance to meet people from all around the globe with unique thoughts and expand your networking. You will learn that money is not a problem when you surround yourself with people who share your mindset when you learn to collaborate and motivate yourself to get things done. The practical exercise you develop during this three-hour class will show you that any idea, no matter how crazy it is, might come true if you make the extra effort to work on it. I recommend this course if you feel that you need a little push to make up your mind and make that business idea that has been buzzing in your mind for so long.


Diana P

Great experience! Open dialogue and sharing of thoughts, information and resources. As the class progressed I definitely felt more confident and energized to get started!



Chris says he hates it when 95% of a class is the teacher speaking and this program certainly reflects that view. The class allowed us (the students/attendees) to practice what was being taught through exercises while simultaneously giving us the chance to network with fellow classmates.


Issac H

The class was awesome when I learned from Chris and went through the exercises to know exactly what it is about. It was inclusive, not just teaching. Chris also shared some useful techniques to start up at a much lower cost than I can image.


perry h