Shoot like a Pro: Mobile Photography

Don't have a professional camera? No worries! Learn how to take amazing photos right from the comfort of your phone and elevate the social media content you produce
Expert: Miloš Savić
(5.0, 12 ratings)
Coming Soon N/A 2 h
Saber Blitz – Shoot like a Pro: Mobile Photography

Shoot like a Pro: Mobile Photography

Don't have a professional camera? No worries! Learn how to take amazing photos right from the comfort of your phone and elevate the social media content you produce
(5.0, 12 ratings)
Expert: Miloš Savić
Coming Soon N/A 2 h

Class Preview

What you’ll learn

  • Smartphone Photography
  • Exposure
  • Depth of field
  • Photo composition
  • Lighting
  • Editing
  • Portrait photography
  • Discovering your creativity


Ever wonder how some people post amazing photos on their social media, yet you know that they're not actually professional photographers or have a fancy DSLR camera?

Well, there's a good chance that they're capturing those photos right in the comfort of their phone!

Learn all the basics of mobile photography that will help elevate the quality of your photos. No matter what kind of photos you like to take, you will learn what you need to know on how to compose a shot, leveraging available light and do some pretty cool editing with free resources available.

There's no better way to learn a skill than the group exercises that Milos will be facilitating, shooting in the comfort of your own home, creating makeshift lighting resources and doing some fun editing work with others across the globe!

By the end of the course, we guarantee that you'll be a lot more confident taking photos on your phone and have a solid understanding of how the camera in your phone works.


  • A mobile device / smartphone
  • A lamp, flashlight or any light source
  • An open mind and willingness to learn
  • No previous photography experience is necessary!
  • Access to Zoom
  • Access to video conferencing tools (camera, webcam)


  • photography
  • illumination
  • photo editing
  • composition
  • videography
  • adobe
  • adobe lightroom
  • adobe creative cloud

Reviews (5.0, 12 reviews)

Enjoy it so much! Now I'll use this information for work and have better results on it.


Paulina V

This class was awesome. I literally feel 100 times more confident to take photos on my phone, and not have to rely on filters to get the best output. To see progression in this class, and use a collaborative tool to upload photos and see everyone's comments and Miloš' detailed feedback is awesome - If I could leave 10 stars, I would. Go sign up for this class ASAP!


Chris H

Winnipeg, Canada

Very interesting and clear!


Laura V

The class is great! I like the examples sharing and the practices we had in class most.


Joanne C

I enjoyed this class so much, the content was current, usefully and presented in an engaging and fun environment. Milos was very knowledgeable, worked at a good pace, and most importantly, was very good at communicating with all the participants. Highly recommended !!


Melissa M

Real-time tasks, quick evaluation and feedback from the expert was productive in real. It helped me to compare the different angles of photography, and get feedback about each of them from the expert.


Harsh J

The class is super dynamic, you will learn through your own photos, it's a fun class that will make you feel like a pro photographer for sure!!


Juan Sebastian P

This was a fantastic introduction class that really helped me understand the basics of photography on my phone. This class definitely provided me with the tools I needed to make what would be a decent photo on my phone, and turn it into a dazzling one instead! It was a great class that was very interesting and provided awesome insight on how exactly the phone camera works, translating into how to make your photos look the best they possibly can! 10/10 recommend.


M. Beth K

The class shows you how can implement your pictures taken from your phone. I learned more techniques (or tricks) that simple but can make a huge difference. I think this class is perfect if you want to have beautiful pictures for your social media, daily life, for your loved ones, etc. in an easy and simple way!


Angela N

This is a great class. It was easy to follow along and taught me a lot about the features I didn't know my phone had. I also built a great foundation in how to use camera controls, effectively use my environment and later adjust different components of my pictures. The best part is that you get to apply what you learn right away so you get feedback for improvement and reference pictures to look back on.


Malak J

Great crash course! It was nice to have all the information given simply and in an easy format. I loved the format of the class and how it was interactive. After taught the concepts, we would have the opportunity to use what we learned to take photos and then received feedback!


Kyla P

It is fantastic to be able to combine theory and practice in the same class, it is easier to understand the topics and just go to action to see the results, incredible experience, I really liked the class, I hope to delve into photography.


Didier Arley V